Chase the Sun & Know That Your Home is Safe With Us!!

Greetings to everyone and welcome to the Sun Chasers blog.

Our goal is to provide valuable information to Palm Springs area visitors, 2nd home owners, and full time residents alike! If you have any questions relating to preparing for your time away from your desert oasis or wondering how you can welcome your guests visiting your vacation rental property, we will attempt to provide answers here in this blog.

Dean and Kay Peterson of Sun Chasers Home Watch Services in Palm Springs area

Dean and Kay Peterson, Owners of Sun Chasers Home Watch Services in Palm Desert California

Who Are We?

We are the proud parents of our very own newborn business…. Sun Chasers Home Watch Services centrally located in Palm Desert California, in the heart of the beautiful Coachella Valley. The beautiful lady in this photo is my partner and DreamGirl, Kay Peterson. I’m the lucky guy that is married to her. Together, we are the owners and operators of Sun Chasers.

This business was created soon after we moved to Palm Desert as full time residents last fall. We have owned more than one vacation home in this area over the years while we were still members of the rat race that is known as Los Angeles. These properties provided us with a getaway from that rat race. Having been owners of these homes and experiencing more than one expensive surprise when we returned to our desert oasis, we learned that it makes sense to hire a local set of ‘eyes & ears’ to watch out for us during those extended periods when we were away.

Why Did We Open This Business?

Unfortunately, before we learned this expensive lesson, we had asked a couple of neighbors to “keep an eye” on our property while we were back in the rat race. We figured that, seeing as how our vacation home was located in a “gated” community, we shouldn’t need to pay someone to watch it. Much to our displeasure we found that if you don’t have a professional watch your valuable investment you may come back to it to find that your neighbor basically watched from across the street, not with the close professional and experienced ‘eyes & ears’ that are needed to make sure that small issues don’t become major disasters. That was the seed for Sun Chasers Home Watch Services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a professional, friendly, family-owned home watch company that offers owners of 2nd homes and vacation rental properties the peace of mind which comes from knowing that we are your eyes and ears while you are away. Our mission won’t be compromised… we aim to be consistent, friendly, reactive and customized. We view ourselves as an extension of you and we will treat your home as if it were ours. “Chase The Sun, And Know That Your Home is Safe With Us”

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